Conversion Issues

Excluding International Visitors It’s 2 a.m. — do you know where your website traffic is coming from? Some of it’s not from your time zone, or even your country. You must recognize and honor cultural differences and provide appropriate checkout and onsite experiences. If you have significant international traffic, you should make sure that the checkout is specific to their country and no weird “Americanisms” creep in. On checkout forms, for example, rather than asking for a state, you should be requesting state/ province. For zip code, request zip/postal code. By speaking to visitors on their terms, you make them feel at home on your site. Some countries don’t even have states or provinces. So if you require a state or province in checkout, you will literally block the sale. Including a “No State or Province” option or disabling the state/province section when applicable countries are selected
keeps the conversion funnel flowing. Better yet, auto detect the origin of your visitor and show them a country-specific experience whenever possible. Display prices in their local currency and offer text translation. Making your site accessible and even comfortable to international visitors opens up your business to an entire world of customers.
Negative Bias from Initial Reviewers If one person doesn’t like chocolate ice cream, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. The next person might love it. So don’t let a single bad review ruin a product (and your bottom line). If the first review posted on a product page is a one-star review, and you show the rating upstream in your site (on search results or category pages), fewer people will consider buying it after a quick visual scan of the star-rating images. Avoid creating an average review score for a product with only a few reviews. You can still post the text of the review on the product page, but let it be in the context that it’s just one person’s opinion. Wait until you have several reviews before you
start showing them as star ratings throughout the site.

Traffic Jam

While it’s a relatively simple process to sort our marketing efforts into these three categories, it’s much more difficult to extend energies and resources across all possible channels. From search and social to video destinations and news wires, ’Net workers can amass traffic in both predictable and unexpected ways. Moreover, we’d be remiss to forget, the traffic-producing power of advertising and affiliate networks. Many of these traffic sources are detailed here, but you’ll fi nd the remainder of the list and more on the Web at Each enterprise must strategize where to spend their resources (time and money) or all the traffic-generating possibilities can be expensive and cumbersome to implement. As someone responsible for digital acquisition, you are likely already familiar with the destinations discussed in this month’s Top 50, particularly those in search. Challenge yourself, however, to think outside of the Google (#1) box and look to very specialized search services. Also look beyond the king and queen of social — Facebook (#1) and Twitter (#2) — when thinking about acquiring visitors. Tumblr (#5) lets businesses effortlessly share anything and gain visibility through its website. Features like tags can help consumers discover a brand’s posts and recent additions like a chat widget and real-time notifications keep up with their interests. When looking to video destinations to acquire website visitors, you’ll see big players like YouTube (#1) and DailyMotion (#2), and also the SlideShare (#4), a site that allows companies to present content in the form of presentations, documents, PDFs, videos and webinars. What is good enough for the White House and IBM (who slideshare counts as users), is likely good for your business as well. Do not forget the power of the humble press release. There is no press release distributing venue simpler or more productive than press release wires. We’ve ranked 10 that provide businesses with credibility, acquisition and SEO benefits, such as PRLog (#1) and (#9). Last but not least, this month’s Top 50 looks to advertising and affiliate networks that can take your site’s traffic to the next level. 7Search (#6) and Commission Junction (#3) are two that fi t the bill and can make an impact on your bottom line immediately.,,,,
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Solid Website Traffic Growth

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